More Happy Than Not TAG



I’ve been tagged by A Reading Writer in the More Happy Than Not Tag.  The More Happy Than Not Tag was created by Shelumiel @Bookish and Awesome in response to the book, More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera.

There are only three simple rules:

1 – Answer the question: “What makes you more happy than not?”

2 – Link back to the post of the blog that tagged you (or the original creator of the tag)

3 – Have FUN!


I am more happy than not….

Spending time with my dog.  Yes, she is the cutest thing ever, spoiled rotten and I love her to pieces.


Reading.  Especially uninterrupted reading, and in the middle of a really good book.


Painting. Drawing. Or making any kind of art.


Anytime or anywhere it is warm, beach-y and summery…and outside!


Spending quality time with my closest friends.

When I am singing and dancing.


Making other people happy.

…That’s not all, but I’ll stop there….

Your turn!

I just picked a few people at random to tag because there’s so many I would like to get to know better… but if you want to do it, too add the link to your post – I’d love to read it!



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