Dear non-readers,

Dear Non-readers,

What do you do on a flight?  As a reader, I look forward to traveling.  Especially if I do not have to drive – it is wonderful to have all of that built-in reading time.  And the only interruptions you get are “Would you like something to drink?” and “Can I take your trash?”  Yes, Please!  I just came back from a trip this weekend and got some much-needed reading time in.  I was able to finish two books and halfway through the third.  It felt so good, I’m planning the books for my next flight!  It must be so boring, I think to sit and stare at the back of the seat in front of you listening to the child behind you crying.  I spent so much time reading on my flights, I forgot to notice what the non-readers were doing but I’ll give you my opinion since you didn’t ask for it:  you’re missing out!

All my love,

LJ (a.k.a.”Curious Reader”)