On not loving an “IT” book…

General summary of an “IT” book – a book (usually new) that has been getting a lot of positive reviews, a lot of advertisement, hype and interest… basically everyone seems to love this book.

So, I read an article on Book Riot over the weekend that I loved because someone said what I had been thinking lately.  I’ll summarize here, but hop on over to their page to read the article “The Seven Stages of Not Loving an ‘It’ Book” by Kat Howard where she does a really good job of describing these stages.

Here are her stages:

1. Discovery – a new book… must add to TBR!

2. Excitement – I cannot wait to read it!

3. Reading – do not disturb.

4. Doubt – umm….OK, maybe it gets better….

5. Self-doubt – maybe I missed something…am I just not getting it?

6. Rage – how can so many people love this book?!

7. Acceptance – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… this just was not mine.

So, how many of you have gone through these stages?  I feel like I’ve done that a lot this year, actually.  I’m also thinking of books that are not just ‘new’ but of classic books that people rave (and have talked about for years) over how good they are and how you HAVE to read it…some of them are good, yes.  But some of them are… not.  The Alchemist, in my opinion was one of these books.  It was not horrible, but it was definitely disappointing.  I’m actually reading one right now that I’m probably in stage 4 or 5 of… I’ll hold my thoughts until I finish it, because you never know…. it could actually get better.  I’ll keep you posted on how that one turns out for me.   All the Light you Cannot See is another one.  I’ve already posted my thoughts on that one, but… I just didn’t love it.  It was good, yes, but not GREAT and after all of the awards and reviews, I expected GREAT.  We all have different tastes and preferences and look for different things in the books we read, though and we all won’t love the same things.  That’s one thing I love about blogging – getting to hear what other people think!  What are some “IT” books that you didn’t love?