Love, Rosie: the movie…the weigh in.

So, I decided to watch the movie: Love, Rosie.  I had to. The book is one of my favorites and my curiosity got the better of me.  Even though it was rated R, I had already read the book so how much worse could it be, right?

Love, Rosie movie

First of all, the casting of the movie was well done.  I love Lily Collins as an actress… and Sam Claflin is adorable!  Those dimples!! I’m drooling.  Let me also add that I am not one of those readers where the movie has to follow the book to a ‘T’.  I understand the need to fit a book into 90-120 minutes, and unless its a Weasley, its OK if the main character has auburn and not red hair.  Moving on, I’ll do my best not to give too much away…no promises though!

I’ll be honest the first thing that I was disappointed in was the language.  They did not use the “f” word in the book like they did in the movie, and I personally found it unnecessary.  Foul language usually is.  Other than that, there were some pretty major pieces of the story that were changed and some characters missing.  But I’m OK with it.  I like the changes that were made because they made sense that way.  I wondered how they would integrate all of the letter-writing into the movie since the book is written primarily in email/instant message/letter/postcard format.  It would have been nicer if there were a bit more of that in the movie, but I appreciate the way that it had been updated to text messages and Skype in the movie.

All in all, I would watch the movie again.  It has all of the necessary parts to a good romantic comedy… and there are some really good, funny parts in it – and Jaime Winstone as Ruby was great!  I won’t go into much of the story line so as not to give too much away, and since I’ve already talked about the book see previous post here.  I do not endorse some of the teenage drinking, sexual behavior, and language but I appreciate the fact that the characters feel real.  Real people make mistake, and life is messy sometimes.  It’s nice when real people get a happy ending, too.  Verdict:  if you like romantic comedies, can forgive the language and don’t compare the book to the movie… definitely check this one out!

4 out of 5 stars (It lost a star for the language).