The Liebster Award!

I’d like to thank Curiouser and Curiouser for nominating me for The Liebster Award!


This award looks like a fun new way to find new blogs and get to know a little bit more about blogs you follow!  Here are the rules:

  • Each nominee must have under 200 followers
  • Thank and link to the nominated blog
  • Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
  • Nominate 10 blogs and tell them they have been nominated
  • Write a post containing these questions
  • Include these rules in the post


Here are the questions Curiouser and Curiouser gave:

1. What is your all time favorite book? Why?

That is such a tough question…I can’t pick just one.  I’ll tell you a few that I could read and reread a hundred times and be perfectly happy, though: The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, The Bronze Horseman, The Best Yes, Harry Potter, Love, Rosie, The Hunger Games, The Notebook, Jane Eyre…. I don’t know this is getting a little crazy, huh? I could go on for days…

2. Do you like cooking/baking? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook/bake?

I prefer baking to cooking, though I’m really not very good at either.  I consider it a great feat to make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning it, to be honest.  My favorite things to make are: cheese dip, cookies, pies, pumpkin rolls…do smoothies count?

3. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Blogging is a really fun way to talk about the things that interest you, get to know others with similar interests.  I don’t know why I didn’t start blogging sooner – I love books and talking about books and reading book reviews, and this is a great place to do that. I also love learning new things, meeting new people and learning from others… I get all of that with blogging!

4. If you could travel to one country in the world, where would it be and why? 

I have to pick one country?  Can I pick a continent?  All of them!  I have some serious wanderlust… if I could retire now and spend the rest of my life bringing nothing but my dogs and my books to see the world that would be awesome! I really can’t pick just one country, its like picking one book – it is impossible….

5. Do you like Young Adult novels? 

I do like Young Adult novels!  I read so many different genres, but YA is definitely one of the top on my list!

6. What is your favorite genre of music? Why?

Ok, at this point you might start getting tired of my answers, because they’re starting to sound the same.  I listen to a wide variety of music, too. It really depends on the mood I’m in… anywhere from Contemporary Christian to Pop, Rock, Country, or Reggae….

7. If you could only keep 5 possessions what would they be?

Hmmm…. my dog (she definitely counts – I won’t go anywhere without her!), my camera, laptop, sketchbook and a set of watercolor pencils, a suitcase full of books and clothes – and I’m ready for anything!

8. If you could meet any author who would it be? Why?

ANY author, right?  I think it would be really cool to have a conversation with Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte.

9. What languages do you speak?  Are there any you want to learn? 

I am a coda, which means my parents are deaf – so sign language is my native language which makes me bilingual speaking ASL and English.  I took German in middle and high school so I would love to finish learning that.  I find languages and cultures fascinating so I wouldn’t stop there… Italian, Russian, and French would probably be next on my list.

10. Which book character do you most identify with? 

I identify with a lot of book characters, and at least with a trait of almost everyone… but I’ll go with the very first one that clicked with me: Jo March from Little Women.


So now it’s your turn! My questions are:

1. Do you have a book that made you fall in love with reading?  What is it, and why did you love it so much?

2. What are your favorite genres to read?  What do you like about them so much?

3. If you could save only 5 books from a fire, which ones would they be?

4. Do you believe in magic?

5. What are your other passions/interests?

6. What are your most/least favorite book to movie adaptations?

7. What 5 books would you say everyone should read before they die? (5 books other than the ones chosen in #3)

8. If you could have a single superpower, what would you choose?

9. If you could live in another period of time, where/when would you choose?

10. Tell me something random about yourself.



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…and YOU@ yourblog!  Enjoy!


Love, Rosie: the movie…the weigh in.

So, I decided to watch the movie: Love, Rosie.  I had to. The book is one of my favorites and my curiosity got the better of me.  Even though it was rated R, I had already read the book so how much worse could it be, right?

Love, Rosie movie

First of all, the casting of the movie was well done.  I love Lily Collins as an actress… and Sam Claflin is adorable!  Those dimples!! I’m drooling.  Let me also add that I am not one of those readers where the movie has to follow the book to a ‘T’.  I understand the need to fit a book into 90-120 minutes, and unless its a Weasley, its OK if the main character has auburn and not red hair.  Moving on, I’ll do my best not to give too much away…no promises though!

I’ll be honest the first thing that I was disappointed in was the language.  They did not use the “f” word in the book like they did in the movie, and I personally found it unnecessary.  Foul language usually is.  Other than that, there were some pretty major pieces of the story that were changed and some characters missing.  But I’m OK with it.  I like the changes that were made because they made sense that way.  I wondered how they would integrate all of the letter-writing into the movie since the book is written primarily in email/instant message/letter/postcard format.  It would have been nicer if there were a bit more of that in the movie, but I appreciate the way that it had been updated to text messages and Skype in the movie.

All in all, I would watch the movie again.  It has all of the necessary parts to a good romantic comedy… and there are some really good, funny parts in it – and Jaime Winstone as Ruby was great!  I won’t go into much of the story line so as not to give too much away, and since I’ve already talked about the book see previous post here.  I do not endorse some of the teenage drinking, sexual behavior, and language but I appreciate the fact that the characters feel real.  Real people make mistake, and life is messy sometimes.  It’s nice when real people get a happy ending, too.  Verdict:  if you like romantic comedies, can forgive the language and don’t compare the book to the movie… definitely check this one out!

4 out of 5 stars (It lost a star for the language).

Hello Lovelies!

So, I just finished a book last night – “Love, Rosie” by Cecelia Ahern.  It’s actually the second time I’ve read the book and Cecelia is one of my favorite authors.  She also wrote “P.S., I Love You.”  By the way – awesome book, no- its not just a movie. She’s Irish, and her books are mostly based out of Ireland, which is really cool! I’d love to visit, so just reading one of her books, I feel like I’m taking a virtual vacation to Ireland.  Plus, my Canadian friend with British parents has taught me terminology so I know what Cecelia is talking about when she says ‘clever clog’ or ‘dressing gown.’  Ha!  Little things like that amuse me and totally make my day! Moving on. I don’t know if any of you have experienced this but there are some books that I can reread and remember every event; most, however I remember I like the book and I know generally how it ends but I can’t remember how they got from A to Z.  This was one of those cases.


I’ll try my best not to give too much away.  Rosie and Alex, best friends from the age of 5 are the best of friends, and of course, in love.  They, like most stories do not know of the other’s affections and life keeps getting in the way of them getting together. The book is primarily written as if you are reading all of Rosie’s written correspondence to learn her story, which is a really cool perspective if you ask me.  The written form is going by the way of the dinosaur so to speak, which is really sad.  Much of the correspondence in the book is actually email or Instant Messages – which, are also becoming endangered species.  Who uses email or instant messenger anymore? Doesn’t everyone text now? It wasn’t that long ago, and I’m not that old.  I remember life without cell phones, but don’t get me wrong I still love my smartphone. Reading this book has actually inspired me to write more letters and emails, though.  Although I may need to text the person I’ve emailed to remind them to check their email, otherwise they may never read it! I’m getting a little off topic, I think.  Anyway, back to Rosie and Alex.  It’s actually a little ridiculous how many things get in the way of Alex and Rosie getting together and how long it takes.  I mean, seriously, it takes forever.  But that’s one of the things I like about the book – life is messy, people are broken and they pick up the pieces and keep going. And then they stumble again, but life keeps going. Alex and Rosie are a mess, but they love and support each other in spite of the mess. Perhaps because of the mess.  But being a 30-something, single, hopeless romantic who, trust me has made my share of messes and mistakes, loves the idea that there is always hope. I think Cecelia Ahern gets it.

And… I just noticed – it’s Rosie’s birthday today – Happy Birthday, Rosie! I would really like to watch the movie. No only because I like the book, but I like the actors in it, too. But I looked it up and there are 20 to 30 uses of the F word, and that really turns me off. I disagree with using the word so much, in any situation and it annoys me because the word was only used a couple of times in the book, during an argument. It’s just unnecessary altogether. But that’s a post for another day.

5 out of 5 stars