Someone’s bottled all of the book smells!

frostbeardI’m just so excited about this little find, I had to share!  So I’ve found the best little candle company!  Ever want to bottle that new book smell?  How about the old book smell?  Curious what the Shire smells like? Or want to take some Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey home?  There’s a little Minneapolis studio that makes Soy candles with scents inspired by books!  They have little tarts that you can melt, their prices are are really very reasonable and I’m definitely going back to stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts for my friends! For now, I’m going to warm up my little Pemberly Gardens soy wax tart and curl up with a book.

You should check them out: or check out their shop on Etsy!

book candles