The excitement of a new bookcase

One of the only things that excites me just as much besides going to a bookstore and getting a new book is getting a new bookcase!  I have a friend who is thoughtful and kind AND really good with building tools.  She fashioned a neat bookcase for me out of old cabinet pieces and pallet wood someone left on the side of the road… score!  Didn’t she do a good job? I couldn’t help showing it off…

2015-07-03 12.53.38

So, once she put it together I stained it and now that it is in my apartment I was able to go through one of my older, smaller bookcases that is thisclose to falling apart and set up my new one.  In the process, I went through all of my books and ended up moving books around in all of them…. which to some may sound like a chore, but its a task that I enjoy.

I always change mine around; right now I’ve got a shelf of books that I read when I was younger, a section of books we read for our book club, a shelf of my TBR books, and I’ve got my favorites displayed where I can see them more often…and not all only in one bookcase.  It’s not quite how I want it, and actually may need another bookcase (doesn’t every reader say that?)… but I may go through them again and reorganize them.

How do you arrange your bookcases?  Are yours color coded? Alphabetical by title or author? If you read more than one genre, are they sorted by genre? Or are they sorted in a way that only makes sense to you? There are so many possibilities!