Dear Readers,

Dear readers and classic book lovers,

I write to you in request of your opinions of: Wuthering Heights.  This book has been in my TBR pile for a while now… to be frank, I started the book years ago.  When I was probably too young to read it, and didn’t actually get very far.  So,  I recently heard from another reader that watching the movie helps in appreciating the book (in this case – not recommended for all books).  So, I found a BBC version of Wuthering Heights (2009)  recently and watched it.  And hated it.  What a horrible story.  What horrible people.  They’re just not nice people.  Mean.  I wanted to like the characters or at lease just one of them… but I couldn’t.  Please forgive me if you like this book, I do not mean to offend. Actually, if you do like the book, please please tell me why.  I know I shouldn’t compare the book to the movie so before I scratch this book off the list… I come to you, fellow readers.   Is it the book… or is this TV adapted version to blame?

All my love,